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  • CR708T Common Rail Diesel Test Bench Pizeo Injector Tester Fuel Pump Calibration Machine
  • CR708T Common Rail Diesel Test Bench Pizeo Injector Tester Fuel Pump Calibration Machine
  • CR708T Common Rail Diesel Test Bench Pizeo Injector Tester Fuel Pump Calibration Machine
  • CR708T Common Rail Diesel Test Bench Pizeo Injector Tester Fuel Pump Calibration Machine

CR708T Common Rail Diesel Test Bench Pizeo Injector Tester Fuel Pump Calibration Machine

Testing common injectors (over 7300 test plans)

Testing piezo injector

Bosch denso, siemens, delphi coding functions (more than 4800 coded data)

Testing all high pressure common rail pumps

Testing the Denso HP0 HP5 HP7 Pump

System software supports 15 languages

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BC-CR708 common rail test bench is mainly test for common rail pump and Injector. Also it is continuous fuel delivery analysis computerised measuring system for conventional and new diesel injection systems. The electronic fuel delivery measuring system is compulsory for modern diesel injection system testing. It guarantees a high level of reproductivity of the measured value. Now our the machine is our newest system , the system include huei ,eui eup function

common rail test benchdiesel pump test benchinjector tester

System application

The system is suitable for detection of BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI and SIEMENS common rail pump and injectors. Such as CP1, CP2.CP3, HP3 series injector pump and the type of Electromagnetic injectors, It also can test 6 common rail injectors in one time.

common rail injector tester

BC-CR708 diesel pump test bench

common rail injector tools

Main features

1、 Basic model 11kw 380v 3-phase

2、 Test common rail and piezoelectric injectors

3、 Test the common rail pump

4、 Denso HP0 pump function

5、 Delphi Bosch Denso Siemens injector code

CR708T injector tester Optional function:

test bench common railtest bench injector

1.Test EUI EUP with CAMBOX

1).Test EUI EUP with TU -A cam box

2).Test EUI EUP with TU -B cam box

3).Test EUI EUP with TU- C

4).Test EUI EUP with TU -D cam box          

5).Test EUI EUP with TU -E cam box          

2.Test HEUI(8 types of adapters)

Test Heui CAT C7 C9 3126B&3116              

CAT 3126A/CAT 3412E/NAVISTAR/ISUZU/Ford G2.8& Ford 6.0/Ford G2.9

1).CAT 3126A




5).Ford G2.8& Ford 6.0                                            

6).Ford G2.9                                                            

3.Test CAT 320D pump                                    

4.Test CAT C7 C9 pump(This function must add HEUI function)

4.Test 2 injectors in same times

(2 injectors testing System + additionally add 1 flow sensor + 1 high pressure oil pipe + 2 solenoid valves + 2 filter elements + 1 filter + 1 double injector clamp)

5.Test 4 injectors in same times

(4 injector test system + 3 additional flow sensors + 3 high pressure oil pipes + 6 solenoid valves + 6 filter elements + 3 filters + 1 four injector fixture)

6.Test 6 injectors in same times

7.(6 injector test system + 5 additional flow sensors + 5 high pressure oil pipes + 10 solenoid valves + 10 filter elements + 5 filters + 1 six injector fixture)

8.Test BOSCH CP4 pump

9.Test Cummins PT injector (This function must be equipped with TU C/D/E cam box)

10.Test Cummins PT Pump

11.Test Cummins HPI Q60 X15 injector (This function must be equipped with TU C/D/E cam box)

12.AHE injector dynamic stroke (with Bosch 110, 120 stroke measuring tool + dial indicator)

13.Test ZME

14.Delphi E3 double pulse control system

15.Test MTU L’ORANGE Injector

16.Test Rail pressure sensor

17.Test DRV/HPV

18.Test Solenoid valve

19.Test Bosch 4 pins injector

20.Test XPI Injector          

22.Test DENSO HP5 Pump with accessories

cr708 test benchcrdi injector testerdiesel common rail test bench


Main motor speed: 0-4000 r / min can be adjustable

Motor power: 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW optional

Fuel Injector open 12V, 80V, 150V Control accuracy:

voltage Control range: phase adjustment

Injector opening 0-1000HZ Control accuracy: 1HZ

frequency Control: 0-65535us

Fuel Injector Hold Time Control: 0-1000 times

Delivery Oil Count Control  accuracy: 1 times

Fuel pressure control 0-2400bar

Control accuracy: 1bar

Electronic power: 380v /220v  3 phase   220v single phase

Product Size: 1.9*0.78*1.56M

Weight: 770KG(Contains cam box)


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