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Mexican customer received the CR708 common rail fuel injection pump test bench and the 12PSB diesel fuel injection pump test bench provided by Beacon company

The CR708 common rail fuel injection test bench and 12PSB diesel pump test bench manufactured by Beacon have been widely used in Mexico and received good feedback

The acquisition of a CR708 common rail test bench marks a significant milestone for the Mexican customer, offering a tailored solution to their diverse testing needs in the realm of fuel injection systems. This customized bench stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of automotive technology, catering to the intricate demands of modern engines.

With its multifaceted capabilities, the CR708 test bench epitomizes versatility and efficiency. Its ability to meticulously examine common rail injectors, piezoelectric injectors, common rail pumps, and Denso HPO pumps underscores its comprehensive approach to diagnostic testing. Moreover, the inclusion of a large cam box expands its utility, enabling the assessment of EUI EUP functions with precision and accuracy.

A noteworthy feature of the CR708 bench is its compatibility with HEUI systems, a testament to its adaptability to a wide range of engine types and configurations. The incorporation of dual oil circuit HEUI injector testing further enhances its applicability, accommodating engines such as the Carter C7, C9, and 3126B with seamless efficiency.

In essence, the CR708 common rail test bench represents more than just a piece of equipment; it symbolizes a commitment to excellence and innovation in the automotive industry. Its arrival heralds a new era of efficiency and reliability for the Mexican customer, empowering them to uphold the highest standards of performance and quality assurance in their operations.

The 12PSB diesel pump test bench stands as a cornerstone in the realm of traditional Euro II mechanical pump testing, offering a robust solution for evaluating the performance and integrity of in-line pumps. Its widespread adoption globally underscores its reputation as a trusted tool in the arsenal of diesel pump testing facilities worldwide.

One of the defining features of the 12PSB test bench is its versatility in power selection, with options ranging from 11KW to 40KW. This flexibility allows operators to tailor the testing process according to the specific requirements of the pumps under examination, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in diagnostics.

Designed to meet the stringent demands of Euro II standards, the 12PSB test bench exemplifies reliability and precision in its operation. By providing a comprehensive platform for assessing the functionality and efficiency of mechanical pumps, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continued performance and longevity of diesel engines in various applications.

Furthermore, its reputation for durability and consistency has cemented its status as a preferred choice among diesel pump testing professionals. From automotive workshops to industrial facilities, the 12PSB test bench has earned its place as an indispensable tool for maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance in diesel engine technology.

In conclusion, the 12PSB diesel pump test bench embodies a legacy of excellence and innovation in the field of diesel pump testing. Its widespread utilization and proven track record underscore its significance as a cornerstone of reliability and precision in the global automotive industry.

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